Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ubahsuai Kereta

So here, let’s share your satisfaction and your new idea with all of us.
I’m sure that you will agree with me that Malaysia is different with the other countries. In Malaysia, car accessories shops are everywhere.Most popular among Malaysians is Brothers shop.That is the shop for those who just want to start to modify their car.So, it is easy for Malaysian to modify their car.
Modification also called as “customizing” . It individualizes the vehicle to reflect the owner’s taste, sense of proportion and design. Some people just like to be different than everybody else.Some modifications you can do on your own. Speakers, audio, TV, rims, tint, paint, all this can be done at your own house and also by a logical person. One must just know the limits of what they can do.If you have any new idea in your mind to modify your car, let’s share with us and other readers.So that you can share and change your opinion with the others.